The title "Appassionata" gives a clue to what is to follow: passionate renderings in a song form. The poems are
about relationships and their ever-changing, myriad facets: love, introspection, reflection, evolution, neurosis,
hope and despair, and poetry itself! The latter poems build on the same themes in the mysterious alleys of virtual world. The style is experimental, modern, bold, unconventional, and in some ways, unexpected. Passion is the single unifying thread that runs through most of these poems.

This is holistic passion--raw, animalistic, wild, abundant, in some ways; romantic, warm, sublime, ethereal, in
other. The poems make no apology about passion; in fact, they celebrate it, much in the way as an ode sung at
the altar of an elevating relationship; only they are in part bereft of illusion, and in part full of it.

The collection explores some forbidden subjects: physical relationship, sensitive parts of female anatomy, love
making, sex in cyberspace but underneath the simmering cauldron of passion, it seeks to make a metaphysical
statement, without any pretence to a higher plane. Perhaps it attempts to examine the way we see things.

The poems overflow with imagery--evocative, graphic and refreshing. Their intent is to create a word-picture and
make you visit the place of its calling. The prelude suggests these are 'seminal echoes' or melodies of 'forbidden
images'. The poems need to be read with an open mind. Like the Khajuraho sculptures, they seek your
understanding, and your empathy.

Happy reading.

Sanjay Trehan