After seeing an alien movie, Caroline slept and when she slept, she had a dream. She was walking all alone on the road with her friend, Carol. It looked nearly midnight. Then something like a big round object stopped 10 feet away from the friends. It was a UFO! It sort of froze Carol and Caroline. Out of the UFO came Aliens. They were wearing strange cloths and spoke in a weird language. They indicated to Carol and Caroline to board the UFO. They examined the friends and then pressed a button. To the friends' horror, the UFO started moving and soon they found themselves in space. Carol, however, did not panic but pressed the same button the aliens had pressed and the UFO door flew open. With great presence of mind, Carol dragged Caroline out and they both jumped. Then they were flying from the space and it was FUN. Caroline found herself with Carol laughing at her. Caroline screamed. Carol felt silent. Caroline looked around and only saw Kanika. Then she started to giggle. Soon Carol also started with one of her sudden giggles, Caroline laughed as she said "Carol, what a bizarre dream I have had, wait till you hear about it."

( December 2002 )