My shadow and I are joining to tell you this story.
Piece of advice –
Don’t listen to the shadow. It’s a ninny.

I: Once upon a time…
Not for the first time was I interrupted by my shadow.
Shadow: Why once? Why not twice upon a time?
I: Shadow, will you please shut up and let me get on with the story. Your saying will come when I tell you.
Shadow: Okay! Thy Majesty has thy way.
I: Good! Now once upon a time when folks didn’t fight and the cockerel didn’t crow there was a castle. You will think this castle must be ordinary. Ah! My friends, I am sorry but you are completely wrong. This castle was made of Glass! Oh, my friends. It was such a beautiful sight that folks who saw it were startled and they held their breath as they looked at it. The strange thing was that it moved about. People had seen the castle in Albania, Winchester, India, Russia and once in North Pole. GOOD GRACIOUS! I will have to lie down. Meanwhile, my twit of a shadow will tell you our story.
Shadow: Er… Yes! Now a very ordinary boy called William wanted to see the world and so he went to England. He went into a valley. It was very narrow but the way was long. He kept on going further and further until he saw a most astonishing sight. There was the glass castle. What even more astonished him was that they were Imps in the castle. It seemed to William as if the Imps were ruling the castle. The Imps suddenly saw him and stared, looking furious. Then a whole bunch of Imps came and dragged him into the castle. He started yelling but an Imp with red eyes looked at him and the look somehow silenced William. Then they sat him on the chair and started to bind him with a rope. An Imp looked at him and every one else fell silent. It was the one with the red eyes. It said– I am the King of the Imps and my name is Fiery Eyes (At this point the Shadow falters and says…But my master, that’s Soven, has golden eyes and she is going to continue the story)
I: About Time! Fiery Eyes said – Why have you come here, William? The boy was startled – How do you know my name? Fiery eyes sneered and said – Well, I know everything. You fool, cried William, If you know everything then you must know that I didn’t know that this palace will be here.
Oh yes, snarled Fiery Eyes but no human being must see us. If they do see us
they will be tortured and vanished from the earth. And so will you! Wait, cried
William, what if I didn’t tell my folks? Oh you will, William, I know you, said
Fiery Eyes. He performed a spell and William let out such a scream that everyone
living near heard it! However, the How William Disappeared tale was very
famous and you may not know but many people still know about it.
Shadow: Beware! If you see something like that castle run away because The Castle OfNowhere as it is called is still waiting for its next victim.

( 25 January 2003 )