Now, Folks! I am a girl with chocolate curly hair, soft eyes that are a mixture between light brown and grey and a fair face. I am a very competitive person, strong, listen to my heart and do what I want. So, naturally there was a lot of competition. Let me introduce all my friends before we start. Guneeta, Ishita, Gautam, Rhea, Zenab, Nikita, Niharika, Mehima and Saakshi. We were all a group and very close so we always defended our friends and fought for them. Now there was a friend of Guneeta who was extremely jealous. We both met one day and this is how it began-- Hi, I said to Riddhima (Guneeta's Friend). Oh, hello, said Riddhima. Um! Said Riddhima Yes, said I. Well, said Riddhima, I want to challenge you. Will you give me 800 rupees in one hour?
Ok! I said trying to keep my voice steady. Can you give 1000 in one hour? Of course I can, said Riddhima. Deal, I said and ran all the way to the tree house where we all had to come. I went and told everybody everything. They were all very tensed. Let's open our moneyboxes and give, said Ishita and everybody agreed. Ishita , Gautam and Guneeta all gave 150 rupees each. I myself put 150 of mine. Nikita , Neharika gave 25 rupees each because they had spent all their money. Rhea gave 100 rupees while Zenab gave 50 rupees, and so 800 were complete. It had barely taken 10 minutes. I gave Riddhima the money. She was surprised and could only give me 900 rupees because she couldn't find 100 more. I won the deal. I raced back to the tree house and tried to return the money but couldn't because my friends did not want it. So, anyway I love my friends for what they are.

Scorpio, Virgo, Leo, Gemini, whatever sun sign they may be, I don't care.
As long as my friends are with me. That's what matters.

P.S. You may be thinking that why I did not take the money from my parents. They were out of station and I had only 150 rupees left. I was staying with my granny who had come to visit us.

( December 2002 )