One day on 20th Dec 02, we (children) decided to have a meeting on how we should celebrate Christmas. The party, we all decided, should be done at my house with the Christmas Tree and the Wreath. My best friend, Guneeta, wanted to be Father Christmas while I wanted to be a fairy because I had a wand and the fairy dress. Meanwhile, Rhea planned to be the child (lucky because she got all the presents) and Zenab, a pixie. Every one of us had to get a small gift for Rhea while every person will get a present (only one) for the person they wish to give it to. The other guests were Nikita and Niharika and my other two best friends, Ishita & Gautam. We all planned some goodies for the party. I decided I would get a hot chocolate pudding. We all waited for Christmas eve with much eagerness.
On 24th, when I got up I was very enthusiastic about the evening. The time was 6.30 to 8.00 pm. The pixie (Zenab ) and Father Christmas (Guneeta ) had been called earlier according to my plan. Oh yes, and Guneeta had bought five boxes. In them were small gifts like 2 toffees and 3 chocolates or one big Dairy Milk. And she had got one special gift for the friend she wanted to give it to. Everyone turned up with his or her present. Seeing that everything was dark, they went into the dining room and saw the Christmas Tree's lights glowing there with the lights turned off. Then me, Zenab and Guneeta all shouted: Happy Christmas, and came from behind the Christmas Tree. Well, we all created a din and hey! guess what? I got the presents from Guneeta, Rhea, Ishita , Nikita , Niharika , Gautam and Zenab!
As we were drinking some juice, Ishita suddenly said –
Thanks for a wonderful party and to show you our gratitude
we have …they all put a banner on my arm which said
Miss Christmas
Fairy of our Land
Well, we had an enjoyable evening but we all had to go home.
But you wait and hear about our next party for the New Year.

( December 2002 )