There was once upon a time…a King.
My readers will shout. No, No! There was once upon a time a dog named Crazy. They called him Crazy but crazy he was not. Crazy had peculiar habits. Whenever a cat came near him he didn't growl or did woof-woof! He simply let the cat do whatever it wanted. Then sometimes the whole day he would just keep watching ants. Now the strangest bit. He only ate vegetables. Now won't you say that dog is crazy. I would too. But one day something happened which began to make the people wonder. Now in England, for England is where our story starts. There were rumours that every animal which died would be taken by the Great Animal God, Janz. Now one day Crazy went to a funeral pyre and dozed of. A moment later there was a sound of woof woof woof woof everywhere and when Crazy opened an eye what he saw made the other fly open. Janz with his dogs had come. Janz suddenly saw crazy, puffed himself and said - Foreign Dog! Get out of here. Can't, you see, Sir, said Crazy with scant respect. I can't . Janz stood stunned. Nobody had ever talked to him like that. You Doddery Fool screamed Janz. I'll scare the living daylights out of you! Scare all you want, but I'm not budging. Janz put on a show that would have blanched a ghost. Crazy just sat scowling there. Then he said- woof! woof! Hurry up and stop this business of mumbo-jumbo. Janz stood there gawking. Come now Janz cajoled. Please get up. I'm not getting up, said Crazy. Very well, said Janz. I have to visit Almighty himself. Then he vanished. Crazy let out a sigh of relief. Nothing like sleeping, he yawned.

( 27 November 2002 )