Eons ago there was a witch (a highly dangerous one at that) who had this Crystal Ball which showed her everything she wanted. She lived on a mountain so high that it was even higher than the clouds. And anyone who climbed it never came back to tell anyone what happened. As a result many people were afraid.
Now about this Crystal Ball. It was so magical that the great Witches and Wizards of the country were beginners compared to it. The only one who was more magical than it was Zanj. But his address was unknown. The Crystal Ball killed a lot of people and was the witch's greatest possession. Now she had something to hide and if anyone knew about it she would be ruined. She got all her magic from the Crystal Ball. Unfortunately for the witch, Zanj knew the secret and had been working on it for a long time. At last when he knew the time was right he called his son Yaan and asked him to come to his aid. The boy accepted. Zanj told him the plan. Yaan must wear a Invisibility cloak as he goes up the mountain for Zanj knew that the Crystal Ball was
patrolling it.
Zanj also knew that the Crystal Ball fled from rain and Zanj had got a few magic seeds with which it would rain heavily. Now Zanj gave Yaan his broomstick and said that he must fly on it when it is raining (The Invisibility cloak must cover it), bring it back here (Zanj's home) and then they will discharge all the Crystal Ball's magic powers. Yaan went on the same night wearing the Invisibility cloak. His father waved him off, stroked the magic seeds that were supposed to bring rain and it began raining. It's raining cats and dogs thought Yaan as he mounted the broomstick. He could see the Crystal Ball lying on the ground. Then suddenly it hovered ten feet in the air. Yaan caught it, ran all the way home and panting knocked the door and gave it to Zanj who discharged all its magic powers and kept it in his cupboard. As for the Witch, she hollered and shrieked trying to locate her Crystal Ball.
In time, Yaan married a beautiful girl and become a great wizard himself. And, folks, I will tell you this, the Witch still hollers and shrieks so don't get startled, if you hear something like that.

( December 2002 )