Dear readers,

Before I start I would like to tell you what DÉJÀ VU means. DÉJÀ VU means when a person experiences the same situation over and over again. Now that person is I.
One day my school friends, Mridul (named Mrids by us) and Urmi (named Cat like Eyes by us) had a fight. What a fight it was. Mridul told me that if I talk to Urmi again she’d never talk to me whereas Urmi said nothing. I went to console Urmi and together we went for a walk. Suddenly I remembered I had to buy 2 chocs for me and Mridul. I went into the canteen. Meanwhile, Mridul wondered where I was and said to herself-- Soven has been away a long time. I hope she had not had an accident and muttering this under her breath she went to look for me in the canteen. She found me with Urmi and said- Well! Now I know what’s taking you so long, Ms Casanova. Uh! I can explain, said I but said no more.
In the class, our teacher said that she was going out for an hour and that I mind the class with Mridul. This we did. Suddenly a teacher called Mridul for some work. The class became restless, so I asked Urmi to help me. When Mridul came back she was FURIOUS. She refused to talk to me all day but finally made it up when it was time to go. I had to buy something and told Mridul to wait for me. As I was going to buy it, Urmi arrived on the scene and started to say that Mridul’s jealous and this and that.
Mridul came there and saw me and brandishing a fist she ran after me.
DÉJÀ VU. Sounds like the story of my life.

( 2 March 2003 )