This is a real life incident. One day when my best friend and I were walking, we saw just a few paces away from us a gem. It was an emerald. We picked it up and examined it. Urmi rubbed it. Nothing happened. I put it in my pocket. Suddenly our friend Barbara came and shouted – Race you to Soven's home (my home) . We ran and forgot all about the jewel. In the night (Urmi was staying at my home for the night) when I put out the light, the room suddenly glowed. I sat up in my bed. So did Urmi. But we didn't have the courage to put on the light. Then suddenly we saw a dog studded with precious jewels. There was every jewel imaginable, rubies, pearls, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts and many which I could not even name. The dog suddenly hissed --- Who is having my jewel?? You mean, said Urmi, where is your jewel? Yes, hissed the dog. We do not have any jewel, said I. Don't lie barked the dog. I know it's here somewhere . If we give you the jewel what would you give in return I said. A 30 carat gold diamond hissed the dog. A 30 carat gold in return for a measly emerald, we both said together incredulously. Sounds a good deal, man! Oh , said Urmi, here, she said, placing the jewel in his hand. It's yours. Thank you said the dog. I will keep my promise he said giving me the diamond. He also added whenever you rub it you will find yourself in the magical world of jewels. Then he suddenly vanished . Many weeks have passed since that amazing day but we still rub it and find ourselves in the magical world.

( 26 November 2002 )