Once when I was walking home with my close friend Urmi, we noticed that 20 feet above us was a UFO. We were terrified to the spot The UFO landed on the road blocking our way. Out of it came three strange creatures. They had long wiry hands, were bold, had only one eye and had three scales for hands. They were walking towards us speaking a strange kind of American accent. I suddenly got the courage to speak and said – Who are you ? They did not say anything but indicated us to come aboard the UFO. We followed them afraid that if we didn't we will be killed. They examined us and put wires on our head. Then they did something very strange. They picked up a remote pressed it towards us and we suddenly found ourselves on the road. Nowhere with the UFO . We still haven't been able to figure out if that was true or not.

( 26 November 2002 )