There was once an evil wizard who had imprisoned a beautiful princess. The wizard's castle was in a deep forest, which every one feared to go in. The Castle would disappear by noon but appear by night when the forest was even scarier. Well, a young handsome prince was very eager to marry the beautiful princess and so he set out in search of her. His sister also accompanied him. On the way they heard someone crying. They stopped and saw a very pretty girl sitting there. What's the matter my princess, said the prince. Oh! That nasty wizard has stolen a glass slipper of mine and if I don't get it back in another10 days I will have to marry him. Come with us and we will help you, said the prince whose name was Ziyan. OK, said the girl but she stumbled back. The forest is dark and spooky, said she. Well, we will go then, said the prince but the girl came and said, "I am coming with you."
They went…and went…and when they entered the castle saw no one. Let's go and find the princess said the prince. But just then he found himself locked into a birdcage. Ha! Ha! Ha! Said the Wizard. Caught you dimwit. Thought you could outsmart Ozzie. Just then Ziyan's sister said "You hook-nosed lizard. I will get you for this." Eat dust! You half-witted witch, said the Wizard.
Then Ziyan's sister said a few magic words and the wizard lay on the ground. Wait, cried the pretty girl. I have actually heard that this wizard is really a prince. Ha, said Ziyan's sister, mockingly. Yes, it's true, said the wizard. I am Ziyana, the prince of Jupiter. An evil witch cast a spell on me! Only if I marry a beautiful princess will I ever be a prince again. Ok, said Ziyan. We believe you. Would you like to marry my sister?
They married and the wizard changed into a prince. Ziyan married the breathtakingly
beautiful princess who he had rescued and everyone lived happily ever after.

( December 2002 )