Once upon a time in a school there was a class. It had 33 children in the section.
Out of the 33, there were 2 boys. The boys were called Yasif and Rahul and they used to keep fighting.
Often when these boys returned to their class, they were covered with bruises.
The bad thing was that they were classmates. They often made excuses for fighting.
Like Yasif used to say: "Ma'am, Rahul has hit me. So, I am going to hit him back."

One day when they were playing in the park, they were kidnapped.
It happened so quickly and so suddenly that the boys didn't know what was happening.
They soon became unconscious because I guess they were chloroformed.
When they woke up, they were altogether in a different place.

Suddenly a man came into the room and stood staring at them. The boys realised what had happened.
After a moment, the man said: "Now, we will make the original excuse. Telephone your parents asking
them for a ransom and if they don't obey, we will cut off your heads."

The boys were desperate and realised that if they didn't cooperate with each other, their lives would be
at stake. After some time when they looked up, they noticed that the man had gone.

Rahul whispered to Yasif: "Listen, Yasif, we have to cooperate with each other to get out of this mess.
"I agree", a sad Yasif said. Then immediately Yasif gasped. He realised that he had a pocketknife in
his pocket. Can you guess what he did with it? They were tied, of course. Yasif shook his body from
side to side till the knife fell on the ground.

Then he bent down a little, took the knife in his mouth and with his mouth down, he started cutting
the rope. Soon Yasif was freed. And to the surprise of Rahul, he also freed him.

"Now we must run from this awful place," said Rahul. They ran out of the place of their
captivity and then stood on the road. They asked a passerby where they were.
"We are quiet near our school and it will only be lunch time in the school. But we have
a problem. Now we can't walk and also we don't have money, said Yasif.
Rahul yelped: "But I do. Enough for a rickshaw."
So they sat on a rickshaw and were soon in school.
It was lunch and all the children were playing.

After this experience, Rahul and Yasif decided never to fight again.

The end of this horrendous story.

Moral of the Story: Never fight. Or you may find yourself in trouble.

( 1 April 2002 )