Once upon a time in a village faraway there lived a boy. His name was Chatur and he was extremely clever and naughty though he was very foolish too. There was a forest near the village where Chatur used to play.

One day Chatur wandered into the forest and lost his way. By the time he was in the middle of the forest, he was very tired and thirsty. He sat under a tree shedding tears.

Suddenly he heard a noise, looked around him and there he saw a girl. She was pretty and asked him what was his name and why was he crying. He told his story to her and also added that he was thirsty. She jumped up and exclaimed that she had the same story to tell. She also said that she was thirsty too.

They both were very sad but suddenly they heard a gulping noise. They rushed to the noise and saw an old man drinking water. They looked at him and most politely asked: "Will you give us some water, please?"
The old man gave them a scowl and went away. They both sat down shedding tears saying they were foolish to roam around in the forest.

After that they were never seen again.

Moral of the story: Never be foolish.

Note: I am very happy. This is the first story I've written.

( 28 feb 2002 )