I once had three friends named Preeti, Anushka and Shivani. Preeti and Anushka and I were toppers but Shivani wasn't. Preeti who was actually called Pretty used to brag a lot. Anu was the same. All the time Shivani was left alone. One day Pretty and Anu had a fight with Shivani. I was on Shivani's side. Anushka just stamped her foot and went away but Preeti said – "Give us some space, Miss Kung Fu showoff". Shivani said – "I will give you outer space, Barbie". Preeti narrowed her eyes and spoke - "Don't beat around the bush! I will get you and then marched away with her nose high up in the air. Anyway I said let's go home. I was very eager to go because a friend of mine from America named Pamela known as Pam was coming to stay with me for a few days. She knew all about Pretty, Anushka and Shivani but however gasped when I told her the whole story. "Sov! How could you? You were so close". "Too close as far as I am concerned," said I. "Sov, look! consider it for a moment…Pretty and Anu were kind of like your best friends! Well, they aren't now, I flatly said. Just then Pam gasped and said look! who's here. I turned around and saw Preeti standing . Suddenly I said – you know Preeti the letters on your T-shirt. H and B they mean Humongous Bighead. Preeti scowled and went away. The next day, however, when we were playing in the playground, that is me, Shivani and Pam, we heard a thud behind us and when looked found Preeti on the ground, her nose bleeding and a deep wound on her right leg. Three of us carried Preeti home, who had fainted. Her parents were very upset but at the same time thankful to us. When Pretty regained consciousness, she thanked us a lot and said that she and Anu were extremely sorry. Now we have made a rule never to fight again.

Moral of the Story:
Make new friends
But never forget old
New is Silver
Old is Gold

( 17 November 2002 )