ME: Hello, dear reader. How are you? Now the story that I am going to tell you is about my friend Mahima. She had gone to her new boarding school and has come back here for the holidays. Now the story. She told me…should I tell it? Or, better still, should she tell it? Do you think she’ll tell you? Are you that special enough? Let’s ask her.

ME: (To Mahima): Hi ! Mahima. These are my new friends. Can you possibly tell them your story”?

Mehima: (beaming): “Oh! Yes, of course. What happened was this. I went to my boarding school and everybody was kind to me. Well, almost! Dicky and Mickey (Turins) started playing tricks on me the day I arrived. They used to put beetles in my soup, worms in my tiffin box, stick stupid pictures on my locker and once put a gigantic spider in my bag. It was too much for me. So, I decided to play a trick on them too. Now you see, I knew that the Turins used to sneak out of their hostel each night and go and meet their friends in the playground. What I did was – I wore a sheet and took a chain with me at about midnight. The boys were heading in the direction of the playground. I sneaked up behind them and shook the chain (which made spooky clanking noises) and started wailing a really ghostly wail. The boys were terrified. They thought I was a ghost. They ran back to their hostel and I also hurried back to my hostel because I was afraid of the caretaker who gave us detention if he caught us roaming around in the night. In the morning I told my friends who were in splits. They also applauded me for such a heroic act.

( Year 2003 )