There was once a little girl named Jenny. She lived in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, in an ordinary town. At the back of Jenny's house was an ordinary garden with ordinary flowers and ordinary path . But next to Jenny's house was a tree house which was not ordinary at all. In fact it was extraordinary. You see, this was how it began. Jenny went up to the tree house clutching her favorite teddy, Jack. She was about to start playing when she noticed something strange. In the tree house was another much smaller tree house. And there, Jenny rubbed her eyes, this was impossible. Yes, you have guessed right. There were the elves. Wearing a red frilly dress and a cap with green shirts and trousers. They were all playing. Suddenly Jenny said who are you? The tree house went deadly quite. All the elves were staring at Jenny with a mixture of fear and suspicion. Jenny said yet again—Who are you? I won't hurt you. We are the elves chorused the elves. Two elves stepped out. Then one said I am Penelope and she is Geraldine. We have been given the title of the sweetest and the gentlest elves in the colony. Another two elves steeped out. Then one said – I am Naughty and he's Caughty. We have been given the title being the most mischievous elves in the colony. Another two stepped out and said we are the storytellers. Then the last elf stepped out and said – I am the Chief. Well, said Jenny, can I play with you all? You can not said Penelope. You are far too big. Oh! But the story teller can tell her lots of stories, and Naughty and Caughty can show here tricks and Geraldine and Penelope can hug her and I can make her some food. Ok shouted everyone. Well Jenny and the elves had a lovely time. They now love each other very much and Jenny makes sure that she meets her little friends every day.

( 27 November 2002 )