By now, you know that I am a bubbly person and like to be in the company of others. Like every other child I also go to school. This particular school is called Delhi Public School, Mathura Road (short for DPS) and it is a very good school. This story is about my class. I love my class. They are so cool and happening, but above all, they are kind and humorous and very naughty. The exceptionally naughty boys are –Ravjeet, Anubhav, Parikshit, Nohar, Riturk, Yajur, Ajhar and Arhum. These boys take the biscuit. Let me tell you a funny incident! One day in class we were all really bored of studying. In walked our Hindi Teacher. We said – Good morning (It was afternoon) and sat down. Ravjeet was in a particular funny mood. He got up from his chair and started singing-
‘Jingle bells, Teacher smells
I wish she’d go away
She looks just like an elephant
I have nothing more to say’

There was a stunned silence from all of us and then we broke out into giggles. The teacher got up from her seat, flabbergasted and outraged. She called Ravjeet, slapped him and then took him to the principal. I need not repeat what happened after that but by God’s Grace, Ravjeet is still with us. See, how daring the boys in our school are to say things like this to a teacher!

The rules of our class respectively are –

1. To say Good morning like this to a teacher: Good morning, Madam
2. To celebrate Teachers’ Day, Half Yearly’s Finished Day, Finals’ Finished Day, Happy Holiday and teachers birthday     in our class.
3. EVERYONE has to have a sense of humour.
4. All of US should Cooperate (Be friends)
5. We shouldn’t be nasty to anybody.

Would’nt you love a class like that! The people funniest and nicest in our class are –

1. Nicest: All the girls
2. Funniest: Ravjeet, Anubhav, Parikshit, Riturk.
3. Sweet: Manas, Rairn, Abhas, Tushar, Aditya, Azhar, Harshit, to just name a few. They mix around and that’s all     right.
4. Quietest: Arunabh, Ashish, Raghav, Adit.
5. Irritating: Tanmaya (My God, he gets on my nerves)

THESE ARE the Details about My Class.

P.S – I don’t mean any disrespect to the teacher I have written about and I’m sorry to the people I haven’t mentioned.

( Year 2003 )