Dear readers,

Before we start I would like to introduce my best friends. Their names are Guneeta Sawhney and Ishita Bahal and they are sweethearts. The story consists of them also and I would be glad if you sit up and concentrate on the story. Everything started the day I found the magic stone. I was walking alone on the road thinking about my finals when I tripped headlong into something and nearly fell down. I looked to see what was it that had made me fall and saw a glittering marble.
I picked it up and then said – if only I had an ice-cream to eat and ho! there before me in my hand was the famous chocolate fudge. I then knew that this was a magic stone. I jumped with joy and then saw somebody approacing me. It was my best friend Ishita and she had just come to see me. She said- Hi, Soven. Hey! What’s that glittering thing? I said – Ishita, don’t blabber it to anybody. This is a magic stone. To my surprise, Ishita didn’t show any excitement. Indeed, on the contrary, she showed calmness and said- Don’t make me laugh. There is no such thing as magic, Dude! I answered naughtily- well! you ask for something. Ishita said – okay, I wish I had a chocolate to eat. In a few seconds there was a Mars bars in Ishita’s hand and when she saw it her eyes nearly popped out. Gosh, said she. Let’s show it to Guneeta. Oh yes, said I but then added- you don’t have to tell this to anybody, Lionheart! Okay, very funny but of course said Ishita. We rang the doorbell and went into Gunu’s room. Ah, there she was playing with her dog Spotty.
He’s adorable and very cute. I yelled – Hey Gunu! How are you? We’ve got something really nice to show you. What asked Guneeta as she looked at me. Ishita spoke: Guneeta, Soven has found a magic stone. Don’t tell this to anybody, Ok ! What? said Guneeta incredulously, show me! There, I said, handing her the sparkling stone and then continued-- whatever you wish for will come true. Okay! Here. I’ll try it now Magic stone, How about some “Glow in the dark” stickers? And there lying on the bed were the stickers. I thought Guneeta would go crazy. She started skipping, hopping and jumping all at the same time while shouting –Hip Hip Hooray! It’s our lucky day today but don’t tell this to anybody! It’s our secret that we must keep together said Ishita and Gunu nodded. Then she said- who’s going to keep it? So I said—I, because I found it. You guys can call me up whenever you need the magic stone. That sounds like it, said Ishita and we all laughed. We are lucky people. But I suppose it’s just…well, you know DUMB LUCK but we now have practically everything.

Readers, I hope you enjoyed the story and I am sure you will be waiting for our next adventure.

( 26 February 2003 )