Sam and Kathy used to live in a pretty little cottage near a wood named “THE MAGIC WOOD”. Sam and Kathy just thought it a name but didn’t know it was real. What they didn’t know was that the magic wood was full of gnomes, imps, pixies, elves and goblins.
Everyone in the Magic Wood used to live in harmony except the Goblins. They used to scare the elves, annoy the gnomes, distress the pixies and harm the imps. This kept on going for quite long until the pixies, elves, gnomes and imps decided it was enough. They held a meeting under a shady Oak tree. “Something has got to be done,” said the elf leader named Elfin.
“Definitely” said the imp leader named Helpful. “Enough is enough,” said the pixie leader named Mercury. “This has got to stop,” squeaked the gnome leader Cutey. They hatched a plan. What everyone here in this meeting knew was that the goblins were very afraid of humans. They themselves were but not as much as the goblins. So, what they were going to do was that they’d go to the humans, tell them to help them and offer them some nice treat in return.
Now the plan’s in action, what we need now is the humans and a treat” Signed Helpful “let’s think” suddenly Helpful jumped. ‘Brainwave,’ he said. “Let’s build a tree house for the humans where we all live. That way the humans will get their treat and we will all be protected if the goblins try to harm us. Now I only know two humans who will be willing to help us. ‘Who’? said everyone and sat up straight. “Why Imps you know who, Katherine and Samuel” said Helpful. “Of course,” said the imps. “Who are Katherine and Samuel?” said the elves, pixies and gnomes. “They are two children who would love to believe in magic if only they could see it. Their real names are Samuel and Katherine but they are called Kathy and Sam, said an Imp.
So, next day Katherine and Samuel or Kathy and Sam were quite astonished to see a small but big pile of people collect in their bedroom. ‘Who are you?’ asked Sam. ‘We are the elves, gnomes, imps and pixies’ said the Magic folk in unison. ‘What do you want?’ questioned Kathy. “We want you to help us” said every tricks leader and narrated the plan to Kathy and Sam. ‘Okey Dokey! We’ll be ready to help as soon as we can, said the two in chorus.
“Delighted, can you help now,” asked Elfin, Mercury and Cutey anxiously. “Of course! Lead the way,” said Sam in a business like tone. So, the magic folk lead the way and Kathy and Sam frightened the goblins for good. They never came to trouble the magic folk, now, those goblins.
Well, bye! Time to leave the magic folk.

( Year 2003 )