There was once a girl named Sarah who used to obey her parents and do very well in her studies. Pleased, her parents bought her an expensive book on Tattoos. Sarah loved the book and looked after it carefully. But the story is not about this book and here is how it begins. One night when Sarah was reading her precious book, suddenly she saw a shimmering light. The light was so bright that it hurt. Sarah dropped her book, shielded her eyes and whimpered as she did so. The shimmering light suddenly stopped. In front of Sarah stood a DWARF. Imagine a real dwarf. Sarah just sat there and stared. She didn’t know what to do. The dwarf said – c’mon, me child. I’m “ere” to take you to the ‘oon. The what? said Sarah. The ‘oon, me dear child, the ‘oon said the dwarf and pointed towards the moon. Ah, said Sarah, you mean the moon. Whatever, said the dwarf. But how do we get there and what do I do, said Sarah. Me gulping gargoyles you really are an ignoramus, Dwarf said. Do whatever me tell you to do. Why do you speak in that funny foreign accent? asked Sarah. That’s me style, me style cried the impatient dwarf. N”ow you will come’s with me, miss? Yes, said Sarah I mean no I mean…Whatever your mean we have to go an reach before the crack of dawn, he said. Now don’t worry and don’t fidget. Hang on tight, said the dwarf and he flew. It was the most wonderful sensation Sarah had ever had. But it only lasted for a Second. Before Sarah could blink an eye she was on the moon. Now all our scientists say that when you go out of earth into space you cannot breath weather it is a barefaced lie or not nobody knows but Sarah was able to breathe even on the moon. She looked around and gasped. The scene was mesmerising like a chocolate ice cream.

( March 2003 )