Hi, Folks! Howdy? Let me introduce myself and some other people before we start. My name is SOVEN TREHAN. A girl with chocolate brown curly hair, light golden eyes, strong personality and many other blessings which naturally attract and make a lot of people jealous. Not their Fault. They’re only wishing why they’re not like me. Guys, PLEASE, don’t think I’m conceited about myself “cause” I’m not. My best HOBBY is reading and am an AQUARIUS. 4th Feb my birthday is always very special to me. My best colours are Parrot Green and Purple. Guys, enough of me. Now let me introduce my friend. Guneeta Sawhney is the person we start from. She is a Scorpio born on 18th Nov. She is my best friend. Her honey brown eyes, dark brown hair and a charming smile can make your day. She has always shared my joys and sorrows and Hey! How could I forget it? She is a very respectful and sincere person. She came to my life like a rainbow. Ah! What bliss.

( May 2003 )