Book review – Enid Blyton

I read this book yesterday and found it very interesting. This is the story of seven children known as the Secret Seven. They love to solve mysteries and are always successful at unraveling them. The Secret Seven comprise four boys and three girls. The girls are Pamela, known as Pam, Janet and Barbara, and the boys are Jack, Peter, who is the leader and also Janet’s brother, Collin and George. Jack also has a sister called Susie who is not part of the Secret Seven., but loves to interfere and is very mischievous and naughty. Peter and Jane also have a dog named Scamper who is always an active member at all Secret Seven meetings!

The story is about a precious violin that gets stolen from an antique shop, and how the children play detective by finally catching the thief and thus solving the mystery.
What I really enjoyed about the book was the portrayal of these seven kids in adult roles performing tasks only expected of adults. This motivates me to believe that children are capable enough to perform complex tasks in extraordinary situations. Enid Blyton’s books are a great source of inspiration and entertainment for kids like me.

( 2 June 2002 )