Once upon a time 360 BC (Before Christ) there was a very powerful and beautiful queen named Diamond. She was a very beautiful queen but had a lot of misfortune. She died when she was 30 yrs. old. She was said to be the most beautiful and richest queen in the world.
When she died, she was placed in a solid gold coffin with all her treasures surrounding her. Of course, the servants had to make a simply gigantic room for her and all her treasures. Now as you know, in the olden days thieves used to break into the coffin and steal the Pharaohs’ precious jewels or other priceless things. The servants used to put curses in Egyptian language that said – Beware! Whoever enters the tomb dies. Thieves didn’t heed these things and many died tragic deaths.
Now there is a simply fascinating story. The thieves stole Diamond’s body, which had decayed, and all of them died on the same day they stole it. The body was handed down to many people but all of them died the same day the body was given to them.
Finally, a rich English gentleman bought it and took it with him on board a famous ship named “Titanic” It is said that due to Diamond’s body on board the ship sank, but we don’t know how true is that, do we?

( Year 2003 )