One day I insisted with my parents to go to Funky Orbits. They were very irritated with me so they told me not to make noise and that we would be going in an hour's time.

When one hour was up, my parents shot down immediately as they sensed I would irritate them again. My father started the car and also began talking about his business and how people deal with him. I wasn't listening that much and looked drowsily at the window and cried out. I explained to my parents that there was an accident on the road and also why not go and investigate.

We got out of the car and went further to the accident that had occurred.

A car had banged against the bus. The bus driver had fled away. The driver of the car had been wounded badly. He was bleeding. The woman who sat next to him was crying.

There was a child also who was safe and looking at the bystanders. Someone had called an ambulance. We
went back to our car, then my mother suddenly remembered that there was a party at home and the guests were coming at 5 p.m. To the astonishment of all three of us, it was already 4.45 p.m., so we returned quickly and what a splendid party we had.

Moral of the Story: Never drive too fast and when you are drunk, don't drive at all.

(2 March 2002)