Hi, Guys! Here's something that all of you should do. You should make rules for your own room. Nobody should come in your room without your permission. Well, whenever my friends come to my house, they are not allowed into my room without my permission. They find it a bit sick

If you wanna read the next part, be a little understanding.

Rules for my room are:

1. Whenever my friends want to play with me, they have to knock at my room's door first.
2. They can't make fun of my room or they would get two slaps.
3. If they are eating something, they should offer that thing to me too. ( Joke)
4. They should be kind, polite and give their autographs.
5. They should not make mess, and if they do, they should clean it up.

That's enough, guys, and would you believe it, my parents don't come into my room without my permission.

( 11 March 2002 )

Be hot, think cool.

( 11 March 2002 )