I was gazing out of my window and looking at the sky which was a clear forget-me-not blue. As I was about to get started on my holiday homework as the summer vacation had begun, I heard a voice yell Yahoo! You up there. I was startled and when turned around nearly jumped out of my window. There below standing was Scooby Doo. Not those people who dress in silly costumes but a dog, a great clone exactly like Scooby. I just stood there gasping at him. You Dumbo, said the voice again. I looked at Scooby and said – what do you want from me Scooby Doo? Me! Said Scooby. O yeah! Well, there is a wizard and he's after my jewels, said Scooby. I can't see any of your precious jewels anywhere, said I. Of course you can't you fool I've hid them . Well how can I help you? This wizard, began Scooby, can only see my reflection, like, perhaps in a mirror here, he said rather anxiously. So I said slowly all I have got to do is hide you. Yes ! said Scooby and if you don't mind may I come inside please. Of course said I but we will not let my parents know and Scooby agreed. After 5 minutes, Scooby was resting on my bed snoring. Suddenly he jerked up and moaned and said I am hungry! What would you like ,said I ? Oh a sandwich, said Scooby, with peanut butter, cucumbers and marshmallows and a glass of lemonade. I went to the kitchen made all this in a hurry, cleaned the kitchen and after putting food on a tray served it to Scooby. He barely stopped to say thank you and started chomping the food. You are a great cook, he said between chomps. I was red as a turnip. In the middle of the night when the clock was striking 11.00 pm I suddenly jerked awake. There was a lot of wrestling and when I put on my bedside lamp, saw a wizard wearing a purple dress with yellow stars and hat clutching a bag while Scooby was tearing after him. I suddenly picked up my stuff and said Abracadabra to everyone's amazement including mine. The bag flew out of the wizard's hand and landed into mine. I then said Jiggery Pokery and the wizard flew out of the window into the night. I was shocked at my performance but went straight to Scooby and handed him the bag which he took and then stammered his thanks at least a dozen times. Then he took out of the bag a blue sapphire gem, gave it to me and said whatever I wish for I should simply press the jewel and it would happen. Then with a last thank you and goodbye he was gone. I still have the gem with me and sometimes Scooby drops in for a chat with me.

( 26 November 2002 )