my class teacher

she is a very nice teacher
smart and tall
she looks after us
and also does her work well
she is talented and graceful
and very helpful
she is cute and sweet
and also a little bit firm

she loves to chat with us
all day long
and is pretty charming
i must say
you all know the answer
and want to shout
it's ma'am kamna arora
i am talking about

( 27 feb 2002 )

river of milk

the river of milk
is all what we want
to drink it all up
with sugar
babies cry
adults die
without the river of milk
it's so delightful
so creamy
and once the babies
have had their fill
they beam and say
we are not sad

the river of milk
makes several cry babies
do you want it?

( 26 feb 2002 )