the aliens

One day in the evening I was seeing an alien serial and when it got finished
I couldn't help thinking about aliens who fly in those round objects.
In the night I was fast asleep and dreamt about those aliens
coming out of their UFOs and walking towards my house.
They smashed my main door and came into my house
walking straight towards my room. They opened my room's door,
came in, took me in their UFO and flew to another planet
which I realised was their home planet. I shouted and screamed
but nothing came out of it. They looked at their spaceguns and pointed them at me.
I immediately shut up as I knew what they would do if I won't shut up.
At that moment the aliens started screaming and threw their spaceguns and
left me rather puzzled.
Suddenly I fell off my bed and realised that I had been dreaming.
I was laughing.

(26 feb 2002)


i think life is dust
but people say it's a must

i think life is dutiful
but people say it's beautiful

a dog on a cat's back

oh, what fun
look at the dog on cat's back
riding all the way
through town
with mournful looks on his crown
and their bellies hanging down
with them howling around

oh, look what fun
look at the dog on cat's back
with the cat chasing
the dog's now upside down
and they are all fooling around
waving goodbyes to our downs

(25 feb 2002)