hi, my name is soven
i am 12 years old
my biggest hobby is working on the computer
and i love to read and write
hope you enjoy everything on my homepage
also check out my personal website
see you later, bye...
The Egyptian Queen  New
Excusing Myself from School  New
A Hostel Joke  New
A Visit to the Zoo  New
CRATS (A hybrid of Cats and Rats)  New
Exam Blues  New
My Lovely Class  New
The Day When…  New
The Magic Wood  New
About Myself
Mr. Sneezewort  
Special visit to the Moon  
The Witch  
The Glittering Magic Stone  
The Castle of Nowhere  
The Evil Wizard  
The Crystal Ball
The Book's First Words
Caroline's Dream  
The Christmas Party
The meeting with Father Christmas
The Challenge
When I Actually Met Scooby Doo
The Emerald Dog
Close Encounter Of The Third Kind
Jenny and the Elves  
The dog named Crazy  
Friendship Should Be Valued  
Puzzle for the Secret Seven  
My Secret Notes Diary  
Adjectives for my Father
Rules for my Room
My Strategy
A road accident
Foolishness: A story
This is my world. It is full of interesting things. You can share it with me...
Mother's Day
Happy Birthday, Papa
The Clown
Break Time
Dear Mother… 
Picnic on a Beach 
My Friends
Specially a word for you dear Room
The guy who can't be hugged 
I love summer holidays
Ghost Children
The tree that had Lollipops
Reading: 3 Lines
My Parents
my class teacher
river of milk
the aliens
a dog on a cat's back