Dear readers,

One day when our group was playing and chattering there came a blood-curdling scream. We were all started. The scream came again. I beckoned everybody to gather close and we all crowded around, rather closely and peered about nervously. Everyone was silent. We were all very scared. Suddenly the park where we were playing vanished and in view came a witch’s den. We know the place because skeletons were hung around, skulls were placed here and there and that there was a musty small around the place, which reminded us of witches. Then came the blood-curdling scream again. We ran here and there and were very shattered. Then came the witch herself in view. I knew at once who this was, let me describe her for you and see if you can guess. She didn’t have hair on her head but snakes. If anybody looked into her eyes they would turn to stone. Her face was scarred with blood. If you can’t guess, it’s Medusa!
I shouted to everybody. Don’t look into her eyes. They will turn you into stone. Medusa was furious. How do you know my secret? Well, I will have you all for supper except her, she
pointed at me. You will be my servant and carry these children and throw them on the fire to burn, she said. Do you obey me? She screamed. I cowered my head and said – Yes, Your Majesty! But there was a dread filled inside me. These were my friends who were going to be slaughtered, who had played with me for nearly 5 years. The witch, however, seemed pleased by the way I had called her Your Majesty. She said- I will eat these children tomorrow as I’ve eaten a lot and I’m full. She clicked her hands and there all my friends were crowded in the cage.
This is your last night, she said, pointing to my friends and cackling. You can stay with your friends. And she went away.
My friends did not move. They were petrified. I said –Come on. I have a plan. You people will have to know this secret. A few days ago I found a magic stone which will obey any command I give I said ignoring the gaping faces of my friends. I’ve got it here and I’ll free you now. I said the words- Magic Stone, please free my friends and me and let us all be in the park where we were all playing. And we all found ourselves in the park. We jumped with joy and everybody crowded around me and hugged me.
Well, that’s the end but you all must know that “We” are glad you read this story.

( 2 March 2003 )