Once I and my really mischievous cousin, Radhika, went to the Zoo with our family. We saw all kinds of amazing creatures. My sister simply oohed and aahed at them all and I went into transports of delight at the sight of Tigers. Then we came across an elephant. It was really very cute. We were eating some mouldy biscuits from a tin. We gave one to the elephant. It crunched the biscuit and looked as if it wanted another. None of my family saw this as they were somewhere off admiring a Russian parrot.
We kept on giving biscuits till there was none left. The elephant suddenly lunged forward and snatched the tin with its trunk. It crunched it up and lay down as if in agony. My sister and I were so frightened that we ran off and urged our family to go at once. They noticed this but forgot about it after a little while as their minds were on other things. We didn’t, though. We were very scared. Some time later we again went to the same zoo.
We rushed to see how the elephant was and found it OK! However, there was a sign pinned to his cage that said: Visitors must take care not to feed the animals.
The elephant then fixed us with a meaningful glare that plainly meant: ’My life’s quite not what it used to be and it’s all because of you’.

( Year 2003 )